Monday, April 12, 2010

cajun vocabulary lesson


pronounced, grah-doo, the term describes the crusty, almost burnt, part of a jambalaya that is stuck to the bottom of the giant cast iron pot that the jambalaya is cooked in. i personally do not prefer to eat the gradoux, but i have many many family members that do :)

with that said, i'm going to go and enjoy a large bowl of jambalaya (the non burnt part of the pot) and a little bit of sun before i go out and run some errands.

what are you guys doing this gorgeous spring monday?

bon appetit ma chere!



sbonifaz said...

yum....I do love myself some jambalaya. I found your blog last night and spent like an hour reading your posts. I love its your blog and can't wait to keep reading!

Caitlin said...

hey lovey! did you get my email from Thurs? :)

The Dorkish Redhead. said...

mmmm jambalaya! I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award!! I really love reading your blogs!.. you can go to my blog to see the post!