Monday, December 28, 2009

this is for you, erin :]

back around the time of my surgery (early november), i sent my dear friend erin a scarf as a gift. i laughed out loud when, a week later, i received a text from her that read, "this is kind of embarrassing, but i don't know how to wear it! am i doing it right?" along with this photo:

she's so stinkin' adorable :] i guess all of you midwest and northern folk are only used to wearing scarves out of necessity because of those cold winter months...but down here in the south, it's rarely cold enough for a scarf to serve its intended purpose (unless it's windy). but because they are such a fun part of fashion, and we do love them so, we use them as more of anaccessory than as a necessity. so, i promised her a "how to wear a scarf as part of an outfit" tutorial.

how to wear a scarf as part of an outfit:


this is a casual way to wear one. looks great with just a tshirt, or a cute top :] here's how to do it:
1. fold the scarf in half, lengthwise, and wrap it around your neck
2. keep the looped end on one side and the ends of the scarf on the other
3. slip the open ends through the loop and tighten, adjusting as desired
4. allow the ends to fall where you feel comfortable

summer scarf:

this is for that thin scarf in your closet that has a pretty pattern, or interesting texture, but isn't really worth a flip when it comes to keeping you warm. i call this a "summer scarf"'s strictly there for decoration...this one is very simple:

1. wrap scarf around your neck, one end on one side and the other end on the other side.
2. bring the to strands together, as if they were one, about 4 - 5 inches from your neck
3. tie the two strands together as you would the end of a balloon or a trash bag.


nape knot:

i have this short little scarf that is the most beautiful green plaid. however, because it is so short, it's hard to do much with it. so, here's how i wear it:

1. follow the same steps as the keyhole
2. rather than letting the ends hang, tuck them back up into the knot, creating more of a necklace than a scarf
3. adjust and fluff until you've reached the desired look

knotted drape:

this one is so simple, it's ridiculous. and you can wear any large scarf this way. it creates the least amount of volume for all of you well-endowed ladies out there :]

1. lay the scarf out flat, creating a square/rectangle
2. grab opposite corners and lift up
3. bring those two corners behind your neck, and tie in a knot.
4. keep the knot behind your neck and let the scarf hang loose in front


for this one, you follow very similar steps to the knotted drape:

1. lay scarf flat, creating a square/rectangle
2. pick up opposite corners of the scarf
3. bring those corners behind your neck, criss-cross them behind your neck and bring them back down the opposite shoulders
4. let the ends drape down the front and fluff and adjust the middle until you've acquired your desired look.

cozy scarf:

this is the type of scarf that everyone has at least one of....even if it's buried in the back of the closet. it's generally a wool or cotton blend, a little thicker than fashion scarves, and usually a pretty generic pattern and/or color. just because it might seem boring, doesn't mean it has to be. pair it with a top that's a not a matching color, but still a complimentary one. and my favorite...add a hat and shoes that don't necessarily match, but blend. doing so adds a little interest to the outfit. so there are two ways i wear this type of scarf:

the first way, above is the warmest way to wear it.

1. wrap the scarf around your neck, letting each end drape down your side
2. take the one end and wrap it around the front of your neck, and hang the end down your back
3. take the other end from the front and do the same thing.

the second way is just as easy:

1. wrap the scarf around your neck, letting each end drape down at your sides
2. tie the two ends together as you would for the first step of tying your shoe
3. adjust the height, tightness, and thickness of the knot until you've reached the desired effect.

so there you have it :] how to wear a scarf, the emjay way :] scarves are such an inexpensive way to liven up any outfit that you've become bored with, so i encourage you all to dig out a scarf and try it out for a day. :]

a big thank you to my lovely little sister for being my model...isn't she stunningly beautiful? and just for fun, here are some out takes from the afternoon...



Lindsay said...

haha so cute, I wear it the first way like everytime I wear a scarf, thanks for the cute tutorials, I was wondering how you made it look so cute!! By the way you can add my link back on your page!! :D yay!!

katie said...

this is awesome!!! i have an insane weakness for scarves, but growing up in arizona, i never wore them... even though i bought my fair share. thanks so much for posting this!!!


ps-erin and you are the cuuuutest!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha Yes! I will use this! :)

love you!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. i love this!!
you're awesome!
i am a 24/7, even when it's hot, scarf wearer. i must have like 30!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

SUPER helpful! (Even for this Northern girl living in the South!) I'm a long way from my little kid with a scarf roots - and some of the new styles are a bit confusing. You make it look so effortless! ox

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Jacque said...

Such a cute post!! I love all the ideas for scarf wearage and all the pics!! I have tons of scaves, but I rarely wear them because I'm clueless about how to make them look cute!! Thanks for posting this!