Saturday, December 26, 2009

photobooth friday

a day late...

mr rox (my kitty) distracted me for this one... :] i still love him though.

i promise for some more fun posts soon. it's been a busybusybusy month, and things are *finally* beginning to slow down a bit. :]

hope you all had a very merry christmas :] be back sooooooon!



miss indie said...

you are cuteness :]
I've missed you! I know what you mean by busy, December has been crazy for me too.
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Ashley said...

I know that look... Rox must have been in trouble! :P

Jacque said...

Cute pic! I love your really cute hair bow!!

michelle said...

Thanks :] the bow is from RVA :]

Lindsay said...

yay I hope your back to your blogging ways!! <3

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love the bow!