Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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as i reflect back on 2009, i realize that i have come so far as a blogger. january marks the start of my adventure in the blogging world, and in the last twelve months, blogger and i have had our ups and downs, but in the end, i think it's helped me grow...a lot.

i wanted to take an opportunity to thank all of my blog readers and followers for your dedicated reading. :] i promise that i read each and every comment that is made here, and each one brings a genuine smile to my face. without you guys, i wouldn't even keep up with this thing...y'all inspire me to be a better blogger and crafter, and for that i sincerely thank you.

looking foward to 2010, i hope to spend a lot more time in this world than i did in 2009. over the course of the next few weeks, you'll be seeing some subtle changes to the design and layout of my blog here and there. i'm also planning to take my posts in a slightly different direction...just think of it as taking the scenic drive rather than the interstate :] i promise it will be an enjoyable ride :]

to help with this new direction for a new year, i've made some blogging goals for 2010:
-blog makeover (already underway)
-post more regularly (atleast 3 times a week i'm hoping)
-be more proactive with posts so that i'm not throwing things together last minute :]
-be diligent with current blog initiatives (photobooth friday, meet me on monday, etc)
-once i become regular with current blog schedule, possibly adding new regulars to the mix
-possibly having guest bloggers? (is that something you'd like to see?)
-having regular monthly giveaways :]
-commenting more on all of your lovely blogs :]

i think that this is both an ambitious and very doable list of blogging goals, no? help inspire me to meet these goals by visiting and commenting and giving me encouragement!

i hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new year :] i'm going to push back my tutorial until tomorrow b/c i might have a special guest to do it with me! (yays!)

goodnight and sleep tight :]



Carrie said...

great list I enjoyed chatting with you tonight. I can't wait to see your up coming post!


erinsunday said...

Oh! I am so excited for you! I think this will be a great blogging year!