Sunday, June 28, 2009

happy ears sunday

(photo credit: rami alkadi, of fake ink)

hello my lovelies :]  here is this week's edition of happy ears...

i've been listening to a lot of music from the 90's this week.  that good old, feel good, pop/rock/alternative stuff that we listened to in jr. is and will probably always be my very favorite. :]

1.  fiona apple

only one word describes her music best...lovely.  i could listen to her sultry voice and honest lyrics for hours upon hours...and never tire of it.  my favorites by her are "first taste" (in the playlist below) and "fast as you can".  i mean, really though, i love them all.

2.  the counting crows

"long december", "color blind"...the list can go on and on.  this group is so incredibly talented and can turn even the most melancholy of situations into beautiful music.  i could listen to them for days and days and days.

3.  tori amos

another beautiful woman who makes beautiful music.  while i must admit, i don't particularly enjoy everything she does...the songs that i do like, i pretty much obsess over and play on repeat :]  like "cornflake girl"

4.  alanis morisette

i mean, for could she not be included on this list?  she's "angry and bitter girl-done-wrong" turned "in love with the world".  every single one of her songs is a work of art.  every.  single.  one.  and her lyrics...gosh her lyrics...they are so honest.

5.  better than ezra

lastly, a local favorite.  i know i've included them in previous posts, but they really are incredibly talented...and of course i also love to represent local artists.  if you haven't heard of them, then you were probably living under a rock between the years 1995 and 2003 :]  my favorites include, but are not limited to, "king of new orleans", "at the stars", "in the blood" and "rosalia"

ok, now here's something new i'll be doing with sunday's happy ears posts...i will be including a playlist in each sunday's post with a song from each of the five artists featured so that you can hear a taste of what each one has to offer.  that could be fun, right? :] 

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okie dokie cupcakies...i'm off to rummage through the fridge and figure out what i'm going to do for belly's growling at me! have a wonderful sunday evening and i'll be seeing you back here soon! :]



Miss Wanderlust said...

loving the new blog look and loving the playlist!!! So cool that you made it so that we could listen to it....oh emjay :) soooo rad!

chelseybell. said...

oh my goodness. fiona apple's extraordinary machine album is definitely one of my favorites.

and in the summer of 95 my older sister played the crap out of alanis' jagged little pill so i know every song.

good taste!

Christine said...

Alanis is a favourite of mine to:)
What does your tattoo say?

michelle said...

janel: thanks, but it's actually not finished :] i have someone working on a design that will hopfully be revealed within the week (fingers crossed) :]

christine: my tattoo says "create" with an aqua colored cloud above it :] it was drawn for me by ms elsiecake on a visit i made to springfield :]