Friday, June 26, 2009

la de dah de dah...

that's my new favorite song...i'm making it up as i go...kind of like life :]

tonight, here's what i have for you:

1.  el blog-o i currently "under construction".  i'm in the process of giving it a bit of a face lift, but since i know NOTHING about html code and what not, i'm relying on instructional websites that i find by googling things like "how to make a three column blogger template" and "how to change background on blogger page" i'm a loser, i know, but i don't have the dough to pay someone to do it, so i'm left to venture into the unknown and figure it out far i've done ok...but there's a long way to go! :]

2.  i made the most AMAZING smoothie at my parent's house this afternoon...strawberry and pineapple.  yummmmmmmmm :]

3.  this girl posted the most wonderful post was so sweet that i literally teared up :]  check it out for a list of incredibly talented ladies that you'll definitely want to check out.  i'm blessed to be able to call about half of them friends, and i can vouch and say they are all amazing. :]

4.  here's a peak at a few things i've been working on and a few materials i've been working with... things are about to get very busy over here in the robot*zombie factory come these next few weeks.  i'm participating in the craft swap sponsored by jamie, and i have 21 (yes, that's TWENTY ONE) little crafties to crank out and send to her in about 3 weeks time.  eesh, it'll be a tight deadline, but i think i can manage! :]  it's a really flippin' cool concept, and i'll be sure to keep my eyes and ears peeled for news of another one and give you all head's up so you can participate next time.

yummy felt colors

vintage dymo (actually an avery) was my mom's back in the 70's :]

my favorite fabrics :]

current project

5.  lastly, i saw this survey on janel's blog first, and since then, holly and LA's as well.  so i figured, what the heck?  so here goes...

outside my window
darkness...grass that desperately needs to be cut

i am thinking
that the gnat that's buzzing around here is very annoying...and that i can't wait til i have the cash to redo my bedroom...and that i'm excited about making things for the craft swap (i think it'll jump start my creative drive again)

i am thankful
for having such wonderful friends and family and a support system that is there for me no matter what life brings. :] 

the real life ones...

my mom


and the blogging world ones...


these folks always have words of encouragement to get me through those rough days or creative lulls.  i love them all dearly :]

from the kitchen
clean dishes waiting to be put away :]...knitting needles and a ball of eggplant colored yarn...all of my paints and canvases are strewn across the dining easel...oh yeah, and loaf of bread...also a few other favorites from the kitchen...

i am wearing
my glasses (rarity)... boy shorts....tank top

(this week's photobooth friday :] )

i am creating
a new look for my blog...finishing a painting (fairly large one)...21 craft swap items...more ruffled totebags for my etsy (and one for a special person in particular that i've had in mind since i made the very first one)

i am going
to probably not sleep much tonight...but then again, do i ever?  haha

around the house
a pile of laundry that needs to be folded...
a craft studio that desperately needs to be tamed...

an air conditioner set to 68 :]...
a fluffy cat in need of a grooming...
a bird collection...

vintage shop in springfield across from rva (can't remember the name)

pier1 (i think)

target (?)

local antique shop

one of my favorite things
these days i'm preferring iced sweet tea over hot tea because, well, it's a hundred degrees is for yankees. :]

a few plans for the rest of the week
MOW THE GRASS...swim swim swim (seriously i can't get enough) on craft swap on continuing my recovery from the flu


weee!!!!  that was fun! :]  ok, now that i've spent over an hour on a single post (hah!) it's back to the blog revamp :]  catch y'all later!


oh and ps...GEAUX TIGERS!!!!  2009 College World Series Champions! :]

pps...if you look closely, you will find this week's 52 project and photobooth friday somewhere up there :]


shaina said...

OH MY GOSH!!! this post was so full of yummyness. *swoon*
love those paintings.
so glad i stumbled across your blog!
i'll be back for sure. :D

michelle said...

thanks :]

chelseybell. said...

love your blog!

i, like you, am totally html deficient, and i was wondering if you still have the site or whatever that helped you get a three column look for your blog??

lovely pictures, and your "creating" pictures inspire me to go buy a whole hobby store.

michelle said...


ummm, i'll have to go back through my browser history and try to find it...give me your email address and i'll send it to you when i find it :]

and as for that whole hobby store thing, i think i literally own everything that hobby lobby has to offer. like for serious. i only go back to hobby lobby to replenish these days...not for new stuff!

Anonymous said...

anything you could ever want to know about HTML, you can learn at

BakeryFullofLies said...

I miss you so much. We definitely need to get together and create/decorate/lunch/anything!

jarispry said...

what an awesome post! i loooooove!
and how in the world did you figure out the 3 column? i've been trying forever! any good sites?

vivianna said...

This is such a great post! I love your blog and you sooo much

michelle said...

Jari: I actually just googled "how to get a three column blogger template" :] haha. I'll see if I can find the tutorial again and I'll send it over

Vivs: thanks lovie!