Thursday, February 5, 2009

sneak peek!

here's a peek at a few of the art pieces i'm working on for the etsy....the new store, aquafrolic, is officially open, however there are a few things you might want to know...

1.  only bows are up for sale...a few art pieces will be added by monday, and once my sewing machine is fixed (hopefully sooooon), i have tons of pillow ideas floating around in my head that will finally be realized, and those will be up for sale as well.  so check back regularly within the next few weeks for updates!
2.  due to some personal banking changes, i am only able to accept personal checks and/or money orders.  this should be fixed within the next two weeks, and then i will be able to accept paypal as well.
3.  lastly, the shop policies states that i only ship within the united states, however, i am willing to make some exceptions.  if you live outside the u.s., convo me and we'll see if we can work something out.  keep in mind though, shipping charges will vary for out of country purchases.

ok, now for the peeks...

keep in mind, these are both works in progress, and i know it's only a few, but some of them haven't been started yet :]  i'm super excited about the first one!

well it's off to work...after having the last 5 days off, it feels strange to go be going back to the real world. :]

love love

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