Thursday, February 12, 2009

i got a new pair of kicks...

what's in your purse?

in mine you will find...
1.  my diana camera
2. my fish eye lens camera
3. glasses and glasses case
4. digital camera
5. many random receipts from the last month's purchases
6. a couple of ink pens
7. my notebook (for shopping lists and random spurts of inspiration in need of being recorded somewhere)
8. oodles and oodles of spare change :]
9. chapstick!!

my purse is always full of random things and plenty of paper :]

and these....

are my new kicks!  only $5 at walmart...what a steal!  they are my new sister even talked me into getting the curly shoe strings.  hehe.  i absolutely *love* them!

lastly, i've been working on a few new items for the shop...  i'm still slaving away at those mixed media canvases, but as we all know, good art doesn't happen overnight!  especially when this artist has a full time day job :]  i also made a couple of really interesting pieces of jewelry...  each piece can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet...and they are made from the most beautiful glass beads :]  (photos soon)lastly i'm going to be adding some super cool, hand painted wooden gift tags.  i came up with the idea for my christmas gifts (below) this year, and decided they were just about the niftiest thing i've seen in a while in the gift wrapping market.  and since i'm such a sucker for pretty packaging...i figured i might as well indulge others out there like me :] 

the tags you'll find in the shop will be pretty generic, so that you can use them year round, however i'll be sure to throw in some holiday specific ones when the seasons come around.  you can also contact me for custom orders should you want them for party favors, themed gifts, etc.

well, i hope you all have a lovely evening :]


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