Friday, February 20, 2009

friday night at home :]

for the first time since i can remember, i'm off on a friday evening!  most would take this opportunity to go out to dinner, catch a movie or visit with friends, but i am in much need of a little downtime...soooooooooo  here are my plans:

catching up with the tivo...

dinner from a box (hey, it's supposed to be a relaxing night...not a cooking night!):

and ben and jerry's...mmmm.  but which one to eat?:

i'm super excited!!!

on a different note...brit and i went antiquing fun fun!  the antique district in downtown denham is a black can lose a whole day in there!  a day that was supposed to be spent, let's say, packing?  i bought some super fun stuff...some for personal use, and some for the shop.  i'll share some photos tomorrow maybe...but soon!  some things you find there are great...some things you find are just plain these:

some lovely hats that i have a hard time believing were *ever* in style...

this lovely sombrero that is deceptively large.  it didn't even fit my head!

and brittany made a new friend... :]

well, i'm off to start my evening...i think i hear the oven timer...time for dinner!


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anne esquibel said...

Your blog is so fun to read. Do you have a ad widget? I have one if you wanna trade let me know and I'll put yours up and you can put mine up. i think little blog ads are so cute anyway. Let me know if you wanna.

Love the relaxing night times. I used to do that on Friday nights as to catch my breathe form a week of work! :)