Sunday, February 1, 2009

red velvet art trip!

while this trip was supposed to be a weekend away from home, work, and all the worries and stresses that come with them, it ended up really being all about art.

the drive was long, but fun :] we listened to fun tunes and played the license plate game...two staples for a roadtrip!  silly cecily slept the whole way :

we visited the Red Velvet Art store this afternoon, and it was just as we had expected it would be.  in brittany's words, it was "fantastically fantastic!"  so cute, so elsie, and so fabulous.  we spent a crap load of money, but it was sooo worth it!  we got so many cute and wonderful things!

it was fun to meet elsie, rachel and jeremy...three incredibly inspiring and creative people.  they are fun and sweet and just what we expected them to be.  they invited us to breakfast in the morning, and we are super stoked to get to spend a bit more time getting to know them :]

on a different note...i've decided today, that this blog is a lot for me to handle by myself, with work and the husband and everything else that life brings, so i'm going to be bringing on another blogger to help keep this thing updated with crafty goodness!  :]  brit is going to be joining the blog and hopefully, between the two of us, we'll make this thing brighter, happier, and more regularly updated... hehe

with that said, it's time for some phase ten in the hotel room...and we're going to watch mr magorium's wonder fun!

excited for dinner tonight on the town, and will post more about our trip soon!

love love love

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