Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy ears :]

it's been a busy busy week, but it's sunday, so i've paused for a quick post.  there's been lots of work this week at the restaurant...and just as much starting up again tomorrow!  i'm spending tonight finishing up the spring cleaning i started this morning, and if time permits, working on a few items for an etsy update - hopefully...  there will be lots of coffee involved, and most likely no sleep, but sometimes those types of nights are the most fun! :]  sleep is for old people, right?  haha.  ok, so now the moment you've all been waiting!

my most listened to music this week:

1.  Animal Collective:  after reading about them via elsie's blog, i looked these guys up, and i'm really enjoying it...

2.  Margot and the Nuclear So and So's:  holy crap, i love this band.  definitely one of my new faves!

3.  Lisa Loeb:  an old standby, but wonderful all the same.  i can never get enough of her simple melodies, acoustic sound and awesome lyrics.  i can seriously listen to her album, firecracker, over and over and over and never tire of it.  ahhhh...

4.  The Doves:  i've always been a far-away fan of the doves...always liking what i hear, but never really going out of my way to aquire their music in my library...but a while back, my friend brad (who has more knowledge about indie music than anyone ever i think) brought them to the forefront of my mind, and i'm totally loving their new album.  winterhill is my fave song i believe.  well, at least for today :]

5.  The Duke Spirit:  i love their 60's hippie scene throwback sound...i'm a huge hippie music fan, particularly the british stuff, and they honestly sound like they just arrived in the 21st century on a time machine expedition from 1967...if i didn't know they were a modern band, i'd swear it was my dad's music! :]

well folks, it's after midnight now and i've got a lot of things on my todo list to knock off before 7am!  see you next time!


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kimi said...

Hi, I saw your post on LA's blog...I am going up to craft weekend also, from Dallas!! It will be fun to meet new people, so I thought I would say hi! and hope you have a safe trip!