Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy ears sunday and a little inspiration

i decided to move happy ears to sunday.  no good reason, frankly, it's just a better day for me :]  so, for the first part of this post, here you go:

i apparently have been really into the indie chicks this week.  top five songs played on my tunes are from the following ladies...

1.  Brooke Waggoner.  She's actually from the same area as i am, but has relocated to cali to pursue her music career.  she's a good friend of a really good friend of mine, and her music is quite lovely.  check her out on itunes, my favorite song is "lungs speed, lungs sped"

2.  She and Him.  I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel, both on screen and off.  She's gorgeous, funny, and has a unique voice too.  my favorite song by this duo is "why do you let me stay here"

3.  Jenny Lewis...again.  i know she was on the list last week, but i really can't get enough of her.  i can't wait to go see her in nola in june, and i'll probably be listening to a lot of her and her other band, rilo kiley, until then. :]  all time fave of hers is a tie between "you are what you love" and "rise up with fists".  plus, she's a gorgeous redhead with fabulous style...that's reason enough to dig her! :]

4.  The Watson Twins.  mostly known for teaming up with the aforementioned ms. lewis on her first album, "rabbit fur coat", these two girls (identical twins) finally released their first solo album last year i believe.  it's called "fire songs" and i'm so in love.  favorite song from the album right now is "dig a little deeper".  "how am i to be" is a great one too.

5.  lastly, Rilo Kiley.  like i said before, i'm soaking up as much jenny lewis as i can.  i love both styles of music she delivers.  rilo kiley is a bit less bluegrassy than her solo project, but i love it just the same!  top three tracks of this group that have been playing in loop in my head all week are "silver lining", "money maker" and "dejalo", all from their latest album.  "paint's peeling" is one of my all time favorite songs as well.

part two:  inspiration.

i should be getting sleep, since i have to be up in less than 6 hours to be at work, but instead of tackling the ever-growing to-do list, or actually getting a decent night's sleep, i've been perusing design blogs and etsy and getting more and more inspired by the minute.  i have so many ideas for new projects now, i think my head might split from the inability to contain it all!  

here are some of my most recent favorite etsy finds...
(sorry the photos are a bit small)

this is just about the coolest key hook i've ever seen:

awesome vintage pumps from thrush:

my heart aches every time i see this ring.  i want it so badly, but it's out of my price range :[

another favorite from thrush...i need to have this dress!

a print by matte stephens that i will definitely be purchasing once all the bills for this month are paid!

part two of part two... :]  here are a few photos that have inspired me this week...hope they do the same for you

this is from the home of sfgirlbybay blogger, victoria smith.  her house is so crisp and whimsical.  i wish i had the guts to do something like this in my home...

i am pretty much in love with all things orla kiely.  here is a display at one of her stores in the uk.  i love the patterns she creates...i actually recently purchased a table cloth from her target line with the intentions of using it as fabric to embellish a tote.  keep your eyes out, you might see it on my etsy soon! :]

i recently stumbled across this photographer, tim walker and i's one of my favorites

and lastly, i came across this after reading elsie's blog and finding out that she'd be visiting this photographer on a last minute trip to NYC (jealous!).  needless to say, after seeing Candace's photos, my jealousy only grew.  i love this and wish i could get my hands on a print!

 ok, i believe that's going to be all for's already after midnight, and i still have to shower, wrap up a commissioned piece for Merc so that i may deliver it to her on time, and do another load of laundry.  ick, 6 am is going to come very very early!


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