Thursday, November 6, 2008

this week...

has been crazy! last friday, the hubs was waiting for me when i got off of work, and we quickly hopped into the car for a trip to the inlaws. we spent halloween night with the neice and nephews, and then on saturday, we headed further north to columbia for the gough family reunion. that was definitely an interesting experience!

i woke up sunday with pink eye...again. that wasn't a very pleasant experience, especially since it was the second time in a month! once monday hit, things went completely beserk...there was work, work and more work! another week of overtime...but i've been having a lot of fun planning the company's holiday party, so that has definitely given me a little break from the day to day.

today i finally had a day off from work, but definitely not a day off from life. :] i had errands to run, an eye doctor appointment (i finally got to order new glasses! soooo excited!) then i met brit for our biweekly creative day. this week, we hit up cocodrie's for caesar salads (yum!) and then we headed to a new pottery shop in watson that just opened. we spent the afternoon painting a pair of giant ceramic mugs. they should be glazed and fired this week, and then i'll get to take mine home...i'll be sure to post pics of them! we had so much fun today that we've vowed to definitely frequent this cute little shop often. we only wish that we could find a place that would allow us to first create our own pottery, and then let us decorate. i took pottery classes as a kid, and i loved it so much...hopefully we'll be able to find such a place locally. :]

tomorrow is another day of gym then work...but i think i'm going to spend the evening at home. i really need to get crackin' on those invites for my holiday bake exchange...they need to be sent out next week! also, that etsy update just keeps getting pushed back further and further...there's just been so many things that have kept me from getting to it. now you know you're dork when you're choosing to spend your friday evenings in front of a craft table!

well, now that i've overloaded you with a ton of text, i'll leave you to your evening. i still have to go get a shower before bed anyway...i'm gross!


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