Tuesday, October 28, 2008


this is me attempting to stay warm. it is a chilly 45 degrees outside right now, and that's really friggin' cold for autumn this far south. it's a beautiful, clear, sunny day, so hopefully it will warm up to the high of 61. :]

today i am bundling up and heading into town for a few things at the local scrap store. i'm planning to work on a mini mini album today. (it's a double mini because it's a mini album with only a few pages in it. :] ) i'm going to try out my new printer and photo paper and throw a few pages together. i'm also planning to finish up those kits today. i've had so much fun making them, and i've already got tons of ideas bouncing around upstairs for a second one! yay for good times.

cecily came over last night after work and helped me organize my studio. it's been halfway done for so long,and now it's actually getting to be 100%! we even went through my boxes from the office that have been sitting in the corner since february. it was great!

hmmm, i'm thinking taco cornbread muffins for lunch... yummy!!

well, that's about it for me for now. i just heard the ding of the dryer which is telling me that my blue jeans are dry so i can get dressed and run to town. mmmmm, i love the feeling of clothes fresh out of the dryer! :] if you're reading this, go do something creative today! i promise you it will warm your soul!


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