Friday, November 14, 2008


there's a horrible glare of the computer screen on my glasses...hopefully my camera will be fixed soon so i can stop using the webcam for these things. i mean, it's fun every now and then, but you know. oh, and as soon as that bad boy is back in working order, i'll share photos of my mug!!! :] and some super cute perler bead animals that the sister and and i spent making last night :]

to do today, all before 3:00

1. hang up all clean laundry (ick)
2. dishes
3. wash at least 2 loads of dirty laundry (more ick)
4. make my way to the bank to pull out rent, and then pay said rent
5. run downtown to pick up sushi surprise for cecily (and maybe a roll or two for myself :] )
6. stop and pick up goodbye cake for cecily
7. make it to work a bit early for cecily's "moving to night shift" impromptu shindig

it doesn't sound like much , but will be a long day. too bad there's no crafting involved. maybe tonight?

enjoy your day!

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