Thursday, November 20, 2008


i've been falling way behind on the 365 camera still isn't fixed. but as soon as it is, i'll have to get back on that. and post pics of my new mug! i'm sipping hot chocolate out of it right now...yummm

so here's some great favorite artist, elsie flannigan, is opening up her very own art boutique! it'll be a combination of online store and brick and mortar store (located in springfield, missouri). i'm super opens feb 1st and is named, what else, but redvelvetart! i'm sooo super stoked and can't wait to see what lovely things her and the other rv girls put in there, as well as the other artists they'll be working with. i love rv!

since my camera is still on the fritz, here is a compilation of my current flickr favorites :] they are all from the lovely lucia holm or as she's better known as in the internet world, miss lulu and the teaspoon shortage. such lovely work!

brit's coming over to hang out while i cook today. :] then, off to work

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