Saturday, October 25, 2008

saturday loves

ahhhh, saturdays.

there are so many things to love about saturdays. i don't always get to enjoy them off of work, but this week i do and it feels great! there's something about saturdays in fall...crisp cool air, kids in the neighborhood playing in the leaves...a perfect day to open up the windows and do some house cleaning, some organizing, maybe a little crafting, and of course, update your blog :]

last week, i spent all (yes all) of wednesday night with my paints scattered across the living room floor. i have my own space to do this, but my room was a little crowded with things, so i spread out across the living room. plus, pushing daisies was on, and i don't have the tv hooked up in my studio just yet. here are some pics of what i've been working on.

i closed my shop a couple of weeks ago for some belated spring cleaning. i've spent those weeks creating new things to put up, and i'm planning an update for the second part of next week. you can be sure to see some of the original art in the pictures above, as well as some aceo originals, some hand made emjay exclusive tags and a journal kit i've been working on! those are just a few of the good things to come, so keep checking back for more! in the meantime, check out some of these AWESOME etsy shops that i visit regularly...

pony party
red velvet art

well, it's back to organizing the studio so i can finish up my projects for the etsy update!

love love love!

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