Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yay!!! a post!!

wow...it's been almost two months. eesh...i seriously havent been keeping up with this thing like i've intended to. :[ in my defense, i haven't had a camera chord to upload any photos, and i figured two months worth of posts with no eye candy would be boring...but i guess it would have been better than nothing! from now on, i won't promise things i can't deliver. so enjoy this post, and maybe (hopefully) i'll start treating this thing a little better and give it the tlc it deserves!

ok, now that that's out of the way, there are many many many many things to talk about! first, the pictures above (unedited) are from when brit and i got together last week and decorated my house for fall! please disregard the bottom half of my kitchen wall...we're in the process of patching and painting over the ghastly 1970's wood paneling. :] i arranged the flowers myself...they are from target. unfortunately, they've already started dying a week later, but then again, that's what real flowers do! the three paintings on the wall are a split canvas project of an abstract landscape i'm working on. it was inspired by the work of david bromstad, and i've had the most fun trying to recreate it...it's still a work in progress, but i love the way it looks on the wall!

the second thing going on is the planning of my first annual holiday bake exchange. this december, i'm gathering all the girlfriends around for a chance to show off their holiday culinary skills and exchange ideas and recipes with others. i can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for their dish, and i can't wait to reveal the super cute recipe books i'm giving them all as gifts! they are very elsie inspired, however, they definitely have an emjay twist.

thirdly, brit is coming over on thursday for a day full of crafting (yay!) and who knows what we'll get our hands into! i won't promise (haha) but i will make an effort to share some of our craftiness with you in near (or maybe distant) future.

peace and love

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Anonymous said...

hooray for new post and the pics i took!! love you cant wait till thrsday! love brit