Monday, June 14, 2010

monday, monday

in case you were wondering, usually:

but this monday, it's being downright mean. some time between going to bed last night and waking up this morning, my brain tricked my body into thinking it was 74 years old, when it is, in fact, only 24. i am seriously paying for all the deep cleaning, weed pulling, home renovating projects i did for 16 SOLID hours yesterday. i think this calls for a late afternoon nap, don't you?

i mean, i deserve a reward for yesterday's productivity


happy monday. promise to have something a little more fun later today or tomorrow :)


ps, ask me a question over at my formspring :) it's up to you guys to make my next Q/A post interesting. mix it up a little :)

pss, i have "monday monday" by the mamas and the papas stuck in my head. it seems to be on a never ending loop...


Lehua said...

ditto on mondays!
is it friday yet?
crepe celebration time?

chelseybell. said...

that song gets stuck in my head all the time!

MandiCoulter said...

now i am going to have that stuck in my head! lol