Friday, June 11, 2010

formspring questions answered! (finally...)

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ok, so i have to admit...i kind of forgot i had a formspring. and when i remembered, i felt really bad because there were quite a few questions in there and a lot of them were months old. but now that i have remembered, i'm planning to stay on top of it! from here on out, once a month, i will address all the questions here on my blog :)

so for this month, i'm playing a little catch up...but luckily, there were a LOT of duplicate questions, and oddly enough, all of the questions besides 1 were about my hair. haha, so here you go:

question #1: do you dye your hair? if so, what color/brand do you use? you're color is beautiful!
well thank you :) i'm sorry to disappoint you, but my hair color is au natural :/ but i do have one pointer...if you plan to do your hair red, and you want it to look natural, have a professional do it! red is the hardest color to do yourself :)

question #2: do you have a boyfriend?
haha, funny question. no, i currently do not have a boyfriend. i have been on my own for only a year, and only officially single for a month. not to say that i'm ruling out the idea of a relationship right now, i'm just not jumping at it either.

question #3: i saw your tattoo pic on elsie's site and tracked you down because i love your hair. how do you style your hair? and how do you keep your bangs out of your eyes? thanks for the tips in advance!
well first, i'm flattered that you cared enough to "track me down" :) hehe. to answer the first question, it's kind of both complicated and simple at the same time. first, i only wash my hair once a week. at most, twice. my hair is naturally curly, but because of the weight and length (it's also VERY thick), it ends up usually only with a tight wave, rather than the ringlets i had as a little girl. when i wear it straight, i wash it, but do not condition it. i then blow dry it and flat iron it. easy peasy! that's generally how i wear it in the winter. during the summer though, there's entirely too much humidity down here for me to try and fight the curl, so i let my inner carrie bradshaw shine and i embrace the curl, frizz and poof that come with it. this is even easier...i wash it, condition it, and that's it! either way i style it, i like it most on day's 2 and 3. :) the answer to your second question is...well, i have on idea. my bangs are pretty thick, so they kind of support themselves so to speak. also, when i get out of the shower, i immediately blow dry my bangs, no matter which way i plan on fixing the rest of my head. that way, the bangs are set in stone, and i don't have to worry about them drying all funky. for that, i just dry them to the side. :)

question #4: i love your hair! what are some of your favorite hair products/tools?
again, thank you for the sweet compliment! :) nine times out of ten, i let my hair go the way nature intended, and i don't use tools or products other than a blowdryer. however, when i do decide to spend more than 5 minutes on my mop, here are some of my go to items:
1. revlon flat's old and wonky, and only cost 20 bucks at walmart, but it works better than any expensive one. i promise. i also use a fat one...not one of those teeny skinny ones.
2. revlon curling irons...i have them in like, 4 sizes. i use them for when i feel like dressing up :) i tend to use the 1 inch the most. i curl my head all over, in layers, then run my fingers through them to loosen them into pretty, sexy waves
3. garnier fructis wonder waves...this is a curl/wave enhancing spray. i like to spray it very liberally as soon as i get out of the shower. it helps define waves and control frizz
4. redkin glass 01 smoothing serum...i use this on my hair, whether straight or curled, to smooth flyaways and such. great product.
5. john freida sheer blonde spun gold hair balm...this product, sadly, was discontinued a few years ago. i was lucky enough to have a backup. unfortunately, i'm almost out and i've yet to find a hair wax that works as well. :( but i've found some on's just expensive! anywho, i use it in my bangs to flatten them after they're dried and to set them in place, and to give my hair some definition, depending on the style

phew! well, i know that was a wordy post, and for those of you who couldn't give a lick about hair it was probably a boring one too!

ok, i have another month to rack up new questions :) if there's something you'd like to know, ask me in the formspring box in the left sidebar...i'll do another formspring post at the start of july (that is, if i have any questions in there :) ) i encourage you to be open and as forward as you care to be! :)


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Mandy said...

New reader here. Just wanted to say that you do have lovely hair, and I adore the image you used to open this post!