Saturday, November 28, 2009

day dreaming...

1. Snow Covered Benches, 2. Snow!, 3. Big Snow (down our street), 4. Cardinal in Snow - Part 2, 5. Snow in Winter, 6. snow fence, 7. Trees snow, 8. First Snow, 9. Paris under the snow, 10. A Snow Heart For You :) xoxox, 11. snow on my tail on Front Page :-), 12. king of hearts in snow ...

i wish i lived in a place where it snowed. of course if i lived in such a place, i might be singing a different tune. however, growing up in south louisiana, where we're lucky enough to get flurries once every ten years, i often find myself daydreaming about snowfall during the winter.

today, we're putting up the christmas tree at my mom and dad's house. my sister, takes after my mom...they get so excited to decorate and spend hours and hours making the mantle and the tree look just perfect. i, however, take after my father. we both enjoy the festivities, but i'd rather not take part. my favorite part of this time is sitting on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa and listening to christmas music. i enjoy that my sister and mother enjoy decorating, and i take pleasure in their excitement, but i really rather relax and just watch.

this afternoon, i am doing just that. i'm watching as layer up on layer of beads, lights, ribbons and ornaments are added and the tree starts to take that familiar shape. each ornament has a meaning, whether it be from my first christmas, my parents 25th wedding anniversary or our vacation to jamaica...each one means something special to one of us. that's one of the things i love about our tree.

so as i sit here, sipping on my hot cocoa and listening to mannheim steamroller on the surround sound stereo, i find my mind drifting off in to a winter wonderland...staring out the back windows of the living room and imaging the pool and palm trees covered in snow...i dream of being brave enough to uproot my comfortable life here and replanting it in a new place. a place with seasons. a place with snow. a place with fall colors. a place with real spring. a place where summer temperatures aren't regularly in the triple digits. i wonder how i would fit in such a place. a place to make new friends. a place to start over fresh, on my own. a place to start a new chapter in my life. would i enjoy it as much as i do in my daydreams? could i even be brave enough to try it? oh how i would love an adventure...but for now, i'll just day dream...and maybe one day i'll muster up the courage.

i hope you are all enjoying the final days of autumn. the temperatures here haven't reached above 70 all week, so that means winter is setting in for us! yesterday morning, there was frost on the cars in the driveway...first time this year. i think i am ready for the new season. more so than i usually am at this point in the year. there are a lot of exciting things in my future, i can feel it...and i'm ready for them to begin!



Carol Anne said...

I can't wait for the snow here in Missouri! It doesn't seem to want to get cold yet. Today we have the windows and door open! It's nice but I'm also excited for snow! :) Hope your holidays are wonderful!

miss indie said...

This is such a magical post <3
You need to move to Springfield. We get freak ice storms in the January and random winter tornadoes.
And we could be crafty roommates :]

Lindsay said...

wanna trade winters??? I promise after about a month of 6 feet of snow youll be begging for Louisiana weather. Or you could just come visit me and then you can experience a real winter :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know such a place, and it is exciting, and it does snow in the winter, and seasons change, and it's not too hot in the summer,and you already know people there, and they have a new BIG boat you will LOVE, and they have a special place they will prepare just for you. So maybe it's not a daydream, just a vision of what can happen....anytime! Love you!
Joyce & the fam =)

biscuit said...

yes, and miss indie said we get ice storms. the last BAD one we had i lost power at my house for 14 days. not very magical.. hahaha... my fish turned into an ice cube.

the grass always seems greener darlin. it really does.

Jacque said...

Really cute post!! I have daydreams about snow too!!