Tuesday, November 24, 2009

all giddy inside...

this is how you all make me feel :] i love you all, i really do. thank you for making my days brighter and happier :] i love reading all of your comments and i love seeing my group of readers grow every day! thankyouthankyouthankyou!



CupcakeSniper said...

this pic is adorable! I've been wanting to get a nose ring! Did it hurt?!

Jamie said...

You are gorgeous. (just so you know) ;)

I can't wait until we can hang out for realz one day.

Love yoooouuuu!!!!!

miss indie said...

you are cuteness.

michelle said...

ms cupcake: no, the piercing didn't hurt. it didn't feel good either though! :] it was worth it and i'd do it again...hehe

jamie and mandy: you too are so sweet! :] and are both beautiful in your own respect! :] i can't wait til my trip to springfield next year so we can hang! love you girls :]

Lindsay said...

I love this pic of you my awesome friend!! *huggles* Miss you bunches, can't wait until the day we can craft together!!!!! <3