Thursday, October 29, 2009


as i grow older, with each passing day, i find that my personal style continues to unfold. growing up, i never really had style...of any kind. not good, not bad. i was a "bleh" kind of girl. i did what all my friends (or people i wanted to be friends with) did in a desperate attempt to be "cool"...whatever that word even means. for the last year and a half, i have found that i gravitate towards certain colors, patterns, shapes and textiles. i didn't know what it was that was happening at first, but now i's style...i've learned not to care what other people think is "in" or "out". i've learned to just enjoy what i enjoy and who cares if it's cool. it sounds funny to say that i'm 24 years old and i've only just begun to find who i am and what i like, but it's true. and although it might have taken 20+ years for me to get to this point, now that i am, it's happening fast. every now and then i take a step back and examine the way i live and the things that surround me and i think, "wow. at the age of 18 i never would have thought that i'd know how to put this together" whether it be an outfit, a color combo, knick knacks on a shelf, or a collection of art on a wall. and for this, a big thank you is in order...a thank you to so many inspiring blogs, etsy shops and online friends that have steered me in different directions, helped teach me what i like and what i don't, molding and shaping my thoughts and preferences into what is now defined as my personal style. i appreciate it, really i do.

with that said, here are some things from my latest etsy window shopping spree that make me feel all tingly inside (i've been drawn to housewares lately)...

link some of your favorite etsy shops or websites in the comment section :]

ok, now i'm off to clean out my junk room (yes, that's right...most have junk drawers or even junk closets...i have a whole room). it's time to pack up some things for attic storage and goodwill donations. if you don't hear from me in a few days, call the police. i'm worried i may not be able to come up for air.



Jamie said...

I love every single one of these things. I hope that means i'm cool too. ;) You're awesome.

Jennifer said...

mmmm. Housewares get me everytime, too. I've been looking for vintage canisters to replace some stainless steel ones in my kitchen and those green ones seem to fit the bill!


Caitlin said...

I like all those items that you chose! Also, I know people who say they love fashion, but they have the most bland style of their own. I am glad you decided to break out of the mold and become your own stylish woman!

Ashley said...

wow, that sounds like me in a nutshell... you're just farther along your path than I am. :)

I have a weird thing for housewares, too... and office supplies... haha.

Also, I think it's funny that you're 24... you don't look your age. You're gonna be that lady still getting carded at 45. Love it.

hellosweetworld said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm pretty much along the same path as you but still figuring some things out.

Those etsy finds are lovely! Love that first photo and bowls :)

You are so creative and inspiring!