Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

it is my favorite holiday! last night, co-hosted a costume party :] i dressed up as joan holloway from madmen:

here's how it turned out:

my apologies for the cheesy cellphone-in-mirror, myspace-esque photos. :] i left my camera at home (go figure) and have to wait to get some from friends before i can post real ones! :]

tonight i have to work, and i've encouraged all of my crewmembers to dress up :] we're going to have a little halloween party of our own down at the chicken shack...hehe. since i can't very well run a kitchen in 5 inch heels and a pencil skirt, i've opted to go as a witch tonight. relying on an old classic :]

oh, and ps...photobooth friday a day late...this is what my hair looks like after taking that up do down...a hairspray filled, matted, ratty mess. hah! :]

i hope you all have a wonderful and spooky halloween night!


Miss Wanderlust said...

You are beyond PERFECT!! i love love love it :) Joan is soooo one of my favorites :)
love you!

hellosweetworld said...

I just recently got into Mad Men and loooovvvveee it! Love the "costume". You looked stunning!