Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's that time of year again...

sooooo, i'm pretty bummed that i missed this:

at this magical place:

with these lovely ladies...

i should just move to the midwest already...lately i've been resisting the urge to just pick up and move myself somewhere new...but the urges keep getting stronger and stronger...hmmmm

but on a happy note, here's something that i have to look forward too...(cue jaws music)

yesssssss! college football starts tonight and the tigers are ready to kick some tail! do i smell another national championship? i think so! so today i'll leave you with a few photos to get you pumped up for the game tonight...

ahhh, death valley...there's no place like home! :]

whether you are rooting for the best football team everrrrr, LSU, or some other wimpy team (i kid, i kid) there's nothing like a little college football to ring in the new autumn season! have a wonderful saturday!!!


ps...we really do have the best fans...there's no arguing that

haha, and the most creative :]


Ashley said...

I went to highschool with the guy behind the poodles... haha

boy killaz said...

Hello! My Friend Janie and I have just set up our etsy/blogspot. We both really liked your etsy products, so we though we would add your blog. Happy Crafting!

miss indie said...

aww I wish you could've come to the nerd party, then we could have met! :]

I lovelovelove your blog, and your shop is the cutest!
hope you had a great weekend!