Monday, September 28, 2009

happy ears sunday

i'll keep this one a bit short and sweet, because really, only one band has been on my mind this week...

that's right, good ol' MGMT. i know, it's not's not fresh...but you know, it's not really that old, and i seriously - and i mean *seriously* don't think i will ever tire of them. they came on my ipod the other day as i was cruising down interstate 12, and i thought, "hey, i haven't listened to them in so long..." and in that moment, i fell in love all over again. i have a feeling that they will be making frequent appearances in future playlists over the next few months

now, if we could just get them to release some new music, eh? what is your favorite MGMT song?

lovelove and happy new week!

oh, and ps... a BIG thank you to ms kimi for doing a giveaway...i won!!! yay!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your win!
soooo jealous!

Caroline said...

when i used to get in moods i always turned on mgmt on my ipod to blast "kids."

it is my feel-good music


Pink de Ville By Onjoli said...

Electric Feel or Time to Pretend no maybe Weekend Wars:)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

what's sad is i'm not sure if i had heard of them before this year, but my roomie made me a mix cd and put some of their songs on it!! soooo good!