Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so i lied...

well, i know i said i was going to have some fun stuff to look at when i came back, but i lied. i had every intention of crafting all weekend, but my plans were foiled. brit ended up having to leave early on saturday, and it sort of killed my creative spirit for the day. sunday was too incredibly busy to get anything done in the studio, so alas, i have nothing.

i did however complete a book brit brought over for me to read. started sunday evening and finished at around 1 this morning. it was good...everyone worth knowing by lauren weisberger...you can find it here...it's typical "chick lit"...my guilty pleasure!

i woke up early this morning (even after getting to bed soooooo late) to get a 30 minute yoga session in before work, and i think this is going to be my new routine. i am so not a morning person, and absolutely hate getting up even one second before i absolutely have to, but i feel so good! i was able to get the 30 minute yoga in, plus i cooked lunch, ate breakfast, drank a cup of chai and got ready...it's so great to not feel rushed! we'll see if i can keep it up. hah.

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