Friday, January 25, 2008

*i* love elsie!

ok, so the woman who has been such a creative inspiration to me is finally going to release her new book! ever since picking up 52 scrapbooking challenges by elsie flannigan, i have been awaiting the day that there be a sequel, and in may, my dream will come true! elsie is such an inspiration to "rebels" of the scrap world. throwing tradition out the window, she uses bright colors, unconventional embellishments and creative picture editing to showcase her eclectic and infectious style. i abosultely love pretty much anything she does, and this is no exception! the new "book" is a box of recipe cards...such a great idea! here are some sneak peeks from her blog, a beautiful mess

the idea is that instead of having a huge book spread out on your layout table, you can pull the particular card you wish to use as inspiration, and place it next to your workspace, or tack it to the wall in front of you, etc. a space saving solution for inspiration books! how clever! i think my favorite part of the whole thing is the back of the card. each card has the "recipe" for the layout printed on the back. so for those of you who love her style, but can't ever seem to get it quite right, her step by step instructions can be found on the back of every card!

well, on that note, i'm going to sign out for today. i have to work a pretty long weekend, so maybe sunday i'll be able to get a few things together to post some eye candy up here. wouldn't that be lovely?

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