Thursday, January 17, 2008

my first...ever

so...this is my first blog ever. i've never had a blog before, but i felt that now is the perfect time in my life to dive in the the wonderful world of sharing my passions with the world...or whoever may find me. i'm pretty stoked about it, actually...however cheesy that may be.

i apologize for the banner up's a very rudimentary rendition of what i would like for it to look like, but give me some credit. i made it in publisher.

i'm not entirely sure of who all will be reading this, if anyone, as i have not really added any tags or such...that would require a bit of time that i do not have right now. i'm hoping to have something better up really soon.

i'm not sure as to when i'll be posting again, but i do know that when the time comes, i will have pics of what i've been up to in the creative world and hopefully that new banner...but until then...


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