Tuesday, August 10, 2010

even though i have a real camera, i ALWAYS use my iphone

greetings from watson, louisiana. (where my parents and sister live) i've been spending a lot of time out here lately :)

people think we're twins...i don't get it.

holy geeze...i remember as a child, time would go by sooooo slooooowwwww. a week felt like a thousand years.

as i've aged, with every year, i've become more and more aware of how time really does do it's own thing. it moves at it's own pace, regardless of how fast or slow you want it to go. it has a mind of it's own, and you're just along for the ride...i'm still not quite sure if i feel like that's a good or bad thing.

regardless, this last month has taught me a lot. i've enjoyed my time "unplugged" from the blogging world. don't get me wrong - i love reading blogs about people's lives and adventures, loves and passions, and i enjoy having a blog so that i can share mine with you! however, there comes a point when you have to realize that living your life is the most important piece...you can share it with others when you find the time, and unfortunately, spare time is something i don't come across often enough :)

with all that said, i want to say thank you to those of you who stick with me through my little (ok, big) blogging hiatuses (is that a word? it is now). i try and make my posts rich, meaningful and interesting, and since i can be so incredibly dull sometimes, i try and leave those parts out.

so what have i been up to this last month you ask? well, i'll tell you...

haven't actually gotten started on the summer goal of reading classic, however i DID find this GORGEOUS copy of pride and predjudice. what?!?

started a blanket :) hoping to finish by the time there's a chill in the air

scored some pretty BA thrifting goodness...

some blue glass ball jars to add to my ever growing collection

a cracker tin JUST LIKE the one my late grandmother had. even though this one did not belong to her, i will treasure it til the day i die. it reminds me so much of afternoons at her house.

my friend tiffany scored me this beautiful crocheted daisy blanket from an estate sale and i got some some new pyrex and vintage wooden thread spools to add to those collections as well

came across the coolest chandelier at z gallerie...it's a pirate ship! i really want it to hang in the corner of my bedroom. for real.

had lots and lots of kitty snuggles

bought this awesome dress. i can't help but to share...it's so comfortable and flattering. i can't wait to pair it with a sweater and tights/boots in the fall/winter...

(holy crap it's time for a hair cut. that crap's getting LONG)

here's a close up of the fabric and pattern

and these babies are now on the wall in my bedroom. i've been eyeballing them for months at UO, but at 40-50 bucks a pop, i just told myself "yeah right." well i had some store credit, and they went on sale for $10 this week. hells yeah.

let's see, what else has been going on? i celebrated a good friend's college graduation, found a new concert buddy (we ran into each other at the spoon concert back in march and have since decided to see all concerts together...i believe we have the black keys and mumford and sons coming up, plus voodoo fest :) )

oh! and i got a promotion :) i now have my very own restaurant and get to run the thing 100% on my own. i'm pretty stoked about it. however, it's going to be a lot of work on the front end to get it to perform at my (incredibly too high) standards, but it will be so rewarding!

lastly, i'll leave you with photos from the balloon festival this past weekend. hot air balloons are so pretty! apologies in advance for the limited amount of photos...i can't get a lot of them to import to my computer :(

have you ever seen a hot air balloon blow up? it starts with just a basket and a pile of nylon on the ground, then slowly but surely, it stands up...the entire process takes a good thirty minutes. here's a video of the last few seconds

cool, right? alrighty, i'll leave you with one last pretty one...this is called a "twinkle glow"

love you guys :)


amy lapi said...

omg! i'm so happy for you! so many great things... congrats on the promotion... loooove the dress & daisy blanket (wow!)... and i'm so proud of your crocheting! <3 you

ps are you attending blogge rbash?

miss indie said...

Wow, those are great finds!! The dress and daisy blanket are lovely. And that copy of P&P steals my heart!!
The pictures from the hot air balloon event/party are killer! That would be so much fun to go to!
Love you lots, girly! XO. m

kimi said...

oh how i missed you!! looks like you have been having lots of fun! i love hot air balloons and would love to go up in one someday. totally magical!

biscuit said...

what a GREAT post emjay!!!!!! i loves it with all my hearts! ;) i love this so much.

you are too cool for words mon cherie.

Carol Anne said...

Looks like the past month has been busy! I'm in love with the daisy blanket! And congratulations on your promotion! Miss you!

ashleyrwatts said...

I do the same thing...I guess maybe because I always have my phone instead of my camera? And you two really do look alike, but totally different. Ah, family. :P

I definitely agree - life is too important to let it go by because you're too wrapped up in blogging and twittering all the time. I kind of feel bad for people who don't even realize they're wasting precious time not getting out there and living!!

Awesome finds! That dress is seriously too adorable!


ckscribbles said...

My uncle used to work at ball, where the jars are made. Theres one right in cinnaminson NJ, he hated it but he used to bring home abnormal jars!
That new dress you bought was absolutely gorgeous and i am so jealous of your saltines tin!
I hope you finish your blanket before the cold sets in, please post it when your done!


Jamie said...

Such great finds! That chandelier??? LOVE! You two do look a lot alike! Congrats on the big promotion! That's awesome! Proud of you!!!!!

recklesslyknowing said...

I'm glad that blanket was such a hit (and a bargain-->score)! :) love ya meesh! your post is wonderful! :) xoTW

ICantPayMyFines said...

I just found your blog via biscuit and I like it a lot. I also like Louisiana. A lot. Thanks for new google reader fodder!

elycia said...

wow, so many great things combined into one post. very nice :)
watson, louisianna eh? that's my last name...well just the watson part.

CaL said...

i am SO jealous of the shows coming up! & your dress is SO lovely! tummy my ass, that's what big belts are for, i love it! also...i live near perris, ca & its pretty much the capitol or hot air ballooning. i love it! you lovely & even though you dont blog often they're always great blogs!!!