Monday, August 9, 2010

holy smokes, i haven't posted in a month. a freaking month.

i really suck at this.

buttttt...i've actually been putting together a pretty big one about some things going on over here in emjay world, plus some gorgeous photos from the hot air balloon festival this weekend. i finally have a day off tomorrow (first one in three weeks) so look for it then! who knows, maybe even tonight (but don't get your hopes up) :)

word to your mother and all that jazz,


miss indie said...

that photo of you is stunning. you such a pretty lady! :]
I hope you have fun during your day off. I'm excited to read your next blog post and see all of your photos!
XO. mandy

biscuit said...

can't wait to see your blog posts. even i don't see you much on your blog, glad we still text and tweet each other! muah!