Friday, December 19, 2008

post number two :]

as promised, here's another post for the day. i spent the morning making candies and wrapping up brittany's christmas gift. i took a break to go and meet brittany at perkins rowe for a bit of shopping and to exchange christmas gifts. i picked up the CUTEST bag from anthro, along with a french cuisine cookbook and oh-so-cute pot holder to put it in for the christmas gift exchange at grandma and grandpa's...i do believe i will have the lovliest little gift out of everyone! i'm secretly jealous of whoever ends up with it :] i also passed by sur la table (love that place!), z gallery (love that one even more!), and then a quick pass through UO to pick up a couple of new pairs of blue jeans. pit stopped at another store to purchase a few remaining items for the hubs' christmas gift then back home for a second string of candy making.

brit and liz joined me for this particular gift making session, which was great. brit had some packaging to do herself, and liz helped me dip pretzels.

brittany makes the best snowman poop and peppermint bark...mmmm

for some reason, this picture doesn't want to post facing the right direction. i apologize in advance for the crick in your neck for having to look at it sideways. :] these are my little packets of pretzels..."gone nutty", "coocoo for coconut", "peppymint" and more...

yummy...little boxes of homemade chocolates. delicious! and cute! every year for christmas, i make goody bags as gifts for friends and family. it's a more cost efficient way of giving, and i think it means more for them to know that i poured my heart and love into each sweet that's in the bag! hopefully i'll be finishing these goody bags up tomorrow so that i can spend the rest of the week working on the hubs''s a whopper, and i'm running out of time

so, for the gift exchange, brittany got me this:

it's the diana camera from lomography! i'm super stoked up!

and she got me this, just because:

it's the new keri smith book! i'm soooo excited! however, i know that once i start it, i won't be able to put it down, so i'm not even going to crack the cover until i have completed my christmas gift duties.

the gift i got brittany is still on it's way from the photographer i purchased it from, so i made her this to tie her over...

she was pretty excited, which made me even more excited about it as well!
well anywho, i'm off for the third string of crafting...i've put the candy making and baking away for the night, and now i'm on to painting gift bags and gift tags. i'll share photos when they're done! for now, i'll leave you, but i will return soon.
love love love

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