Friday, December 19, 2008

i know i know...

but remember? i said no promises! since it's been almost a month since i've posted, i'll be sure to have a lot of things to share with you today...but they might be split into a few different posts.

this post is probably one of the most exciting ones EVER! just a week ago, the unthinkable snowed in south louisiana. what's that you say? you don't think you heard me correctly? let me repeat it then...IT SNOWED IN SOUTH LOUSISIANA!!! can you believe it??? last wednesday, my birthday, rumors were floating around that it might snow that night. no one, especially me, took it seriously, because our meteorologists are generally off a bit, especially when they're talking about snow. i mean, our average temperature here during december is 74 degrees! last time i checked, it had to be much colder for it to snow. all the kids at work were getting super stoked at the thought of not having school the next day...but when i left work at 8 that evening, it was still 50 wasn't looking promising.

the husband and i spent the evening at his brother's house, and we had fun watching movies and playing with our neice and nephew, and when we left around midnight, it still didn't feel all that cold. i pretty much gave up any hope i had of having a white birthday, and we headed home to curl up and get some shut eye.

around 6 o'clock am, my phone rang, and of course, it's still dark outside, so i'm unsure of the actual time, and i was thinking that something was wrong with someone...especially when i saw that it was my mom. i answered, and she was frantically shouting something i couldn't quite understand (keep in mind, i'd been sleeping very soundly and was quite groggy at this point). i shook my head to clear the fog and said "come again?" and she said "get your butt out of bed and outside! it's snowing! like REALLY snowing! big time!" i immediately threw off the covers, slipped my flip flops in and ran outside in my hoochie mamma sleep shorts and tshirt.

it was amazing.

the husband followed me in his skivvies, marveled for a few minutes and returned to bed. he said he was still tired and that he'd enjoy it after day light. i couldn't fathom how he could sleep at a time like this!

it. was. snowing.

and we've learned down here on the gulf, that in the event snow (or more accurately, an icy snow-like substance) falls here, it doesn't stick around after the sun comes up! the meteorologist had said the night before that even if it did snow, our soil temperature was too high (48 degrees) to allow it to stick more than a few hours. so here is the view i had when i opened my door that morning...

this was the most snow i'd ever seen here before. as i said before, usually what we think is snow fall here, is really just a wintry mix. but this time, it was different. huge, fluffy, fat snow flakes were falling, and they were falling like crazy! the hubs finally rolled out of bed to come enjoy it with me for a little while. we even bundled frank up in his jacket that aunt liz gave him and took him outside to enjoy the fun.

as you might be able to tell, frank didn't enjoy the snow quite as much as we did...brit was out of power so we invited her over to enjoy the snow day with the two of us. eventually, the hubs decided to return to the warmth of our bed, and he fell back asleep. brit an i continued to enjoy our time in the snow!

it truly was a wonderfully magically day...i felt like a little kid again... :) i'll leave you with a few more pics of my house, yard and neighborhood. the pics from my mom's house are muuuuuuch cooler, but i can't seem to locate them at the present. as soon as i do, i'll post those as well. now i'm off to finish making christmas candies and pompoms for my gift wrapping! will share photos of those later!

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