Monday, June 30, 2008

design inspiration

ok, so it's been awhile...well, that's an's been FOREVER! in my absence, i've been busy with the sick husband (who's better now!), a very close friend's wedding (and all the planning that goes with that), work, and many many other things...

this afternoon i was reading an old diy magazine that i purchased months ago, and just now gotten around to reading it. it stirred in me a desire to get off my lazy but and do some stuff around here! each idea was under $100 and used items that i'm sure i have lying around the are a few photos i came across of some things i'd like to try or have...i'll post some more as i come across them.

some really cool vinyl wall graphics

some awesome enamel plates from a student at the savannah school of art and design

this is just beautiful

this rack is nature inspired, and sturdy enough to hold scarfs, coats and hats as well!

i love home decor, and i love it even more when it's affordable! have a great week and a great independence day! see you on the flip side...


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