Friday, May 23, 2008


well...i would love to be posting this time with lovely updates on what projects i've been working on, and wonderful pictures and such, but alas, this is not one of those types of posts. this is the post of a woman who's been up for the last 48 hours with her sick husband. Aaron came in from a job yesterday with the intention of going straight to the doctor, getting some medicine, then heading home for a long nap. unfortunately, the doctor had some news A didn't necessarily expect to hear. "you need to leave here and go immediately to the emergency room". scary words to hear when you're a 25 year hold man who has never been sick...ever...and has never gone to the doctor...ever. it turns out that he had appendicitis, and was less than 12 hours from a rupture. he was sent immediately into surgery last night, and came out fine. he's feeling much better, but still recooperating. we are blessed that he was able to fly in in time to catch it before anything became serious, and we're thanking the Lord every chance we get for the timing. A will be laid up at home for a couple of weeks, and i'm naturally planning to spend as much time with him as possible. since he'll be doped up most of the time and sleeping, maybe i'll have some time to get a few things done for you guys, so i can come back with some eye candy.

thank you for your prayers...

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