Tuesday, February 19, 2008

yoga night!

it's tuesday, which means yoga night with mom! i picked up a few pounds of crawfish as a treat for mom, dad and liz. they were so yummy and went perfect with dad's red beans! yoga was fun and now we're just riding out the time until the gym clears out and then the hubs and i will be spending a couple of hours there. he's such a great personal trainer. he's been teaching me a lot! anywho...

i found this picture on my sis's computer (the one i happen to be using now) and they make me laugh.!

michelle, the jamaican tribal princess:

attractive, isn't it?

airplane fun...

big sunglasses are fun!

smile! you're on underwater camera!

this one's really tiny, but it's a fun one of me and the seester...i love her!

like i said, big sunglasses are fun! however, this photo was taken when sunglasses this big weren't completely in style yet. now, the one's i wear everyday are even bigger! :]

so...i made a mini painting as a trial for a big one (or group of ones) that i want to make for someone special (i can't say who because, well, it's a surprise) it worked out well, but not entirely like i had envisioned...i think i'm going to play around a bit more with mixing the right colors, and then possibly do another trial before i commit to my big canvas... :] i hope she loves it!

well...one more episode of just shoot me and then it's off to the gym! i'm desperate to get my pre-attached body back!

so with that said...it's tata for now!

love, meesh

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