Friday, February 15, 2008

absence makes the heart grow fonder...right?

it's been a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time since i've posted and i'm sorry for that. i've been adjusting to my new job description and new schedule, plus the hubs came home and we're desperately trying to get internet at the house. i'm just going to post a couple of things, and unfortunately no eye candy this time. this little post will have to do until the internet gets hooked up.

first things first...
if you haven't checked out Elsie's new line DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! it's absolutely fabulous. my favorite is forrest, but they're all wonderful! i can't wait to get my hands on all of it! :]

had a date with my sister last week. we went to see fool's gold and it was great! we also had fun taking goofy pictures with the fisheye. i'm almost done with the roll of film...just a few more pictures and i can finally get the roll developed!

hobby lobby is having a flippin' sweet sale this week, so i'm heading off to take advantage of that this morning! yesterday i picked up a few goodies at the local scrap store in watson, and i think today after hobby lobby, i'll mosey on over to coursey and check out what they have going on at scrap & co. yay for new things!!! :]

well that's about it for me today. i hope to be a little more regular once the internet gets set up! hope you all had a fabulous V-day and have a great weekend!

love, meesh

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