Friday, October 8, 2010

i am woman...hear me roar

so today i'm building a fence.

sort of.
ok, really i'm repairing a fence. but it invovles shopping for lumber, cutting lumber, using a belt sander, drilling pickets to some my book, this is building a fence. maybe not from scratch, but we'll go with it.
the folks at home depot gave me some pretty funny looks and a few "do you need some help young lady?" to which i reply, "no thank you. i've got this." i mean, come on...have they never seen a woman load up a cart with lumber? sheesh! (although i was thinking as i walked out "damn, i should have worn makeup or fixed my hair or something. i'm feeling pretty butch right about now")

there really is something to be said about the feeling one gets when they accomplish a daunting task. one of the biggest things that folks should know about me is that i consider nothing impossible. and if you think that i can't do something, you can bet your ass that i'm going to prove you wrong.

so with that said, i will finish cooking my lunch (pasta with a rich butter and herb sauce) and then i will strap on my big girl boots and go build my fence :)


Lehua said...

i love this!!
good for you.

Campfire Chic said...

You are too cool for school.

Measure twice and cut once!

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Pictures! Actually no thanks because if your fence turns out well I will feel very unhappy for paying $5,000 to have a company do it :(

Ashley said...

You are so b.a. I miss you! :)