Saturday, July 11, 2009

photobooth friday

i know i haven't posted in like, forever...ok, only a week, but's been an uber busy week.  i've foresaken house cleaning duties and other important things because of my work schedule, and i felt it important to fill any downtime with friends and with that said, i think after this weekend, i'll be back on track :]  janel, kimi and danielle, i promise i will be getting your prizes to you soon!  there's just soooo much on my's a taste:

1.  still haven't started on my craft swap items...eesh.
2. bills have been piling up, and now that i'm living on a single income, times aren't necessarily rough, but they have the potential to get that i'm figuring out creative ways to fix that issue
3. i have 4 requests for custom ruffled totes, 4 requests for custom canvases (one of which is a three piece set), 2 potential custom canvas orders, multiple button ring orders (those are easy though) and 2 tattoo design requests.  super stoked about all these projects, but overwhelmed to say the least!  i need to learn to say no...

and i'm in desperate need of a bangs are in that too long to be considered bangs but too short to be considered hair stage.  and they're getting super thick too...gotta wait 'til payday...bleh.

anywho, i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and i will be back with a new and more glamorous post soon (i hope!)  happy photobooth friday to all!


Jamie said...

Cute photobooth Friday pic!!! Love your hair color!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love the blog layout. so cute!