Monday, July 28, 2008


that is a sigh of true contentment. i'm having so much fun with my etsy, it's positively unbelievable! i already have so many new ideas floating around in my head for new things to makes me giddy just thinking about it!

tonight, i'm playing around with a few new things...some do-it-yourself screenprinting, using some unconventional tools :) also, painting fabric and embroidery. much too soon to share these projects now, but soon...very soon.

another thing that is currently making me happy is this:

tonight i purchased a spot in rachel denbow's august online art journaling class. you have no idea how excited i am!!! i can't wait to get my secret password and get started! i've been dabbling with the art journaling thing for a little while, but can't seem to find my style. i'm hoping this tutorial will help push me in the right direction. i'll be sure to post pics of my finished project, which will be sometime in september.

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