Saturday, April 19, 2008


ok, so today was a lazy day...

and while i love feeling well rested, i feel blah after a lazy day. something about staying in your pj's until noon (or in my case today, until 4:30 in the evening) and not getting ANYTHING accomplished makes you feel crappy. i don't know...maybe it's the fact that i really had a lot of things i needed to get taken care of this week. as of now, only 3 things on my list of like, 50 have been done. sigh...maybe next week?

all in all, i feel bad that i didn't get done the things i wanted to get done, but i secretly enjoyed lounging around with frank (and sometimes roxie, when she felt like being sweet) on the couch all day, watching movies and munching on carrot sticks (my grandpa brought by some yummy ones from his garden...mmmmm)

goooooood news for today though...some great new fun goodies came in from hambly, elle's studio and shabby chic. i was sooo stoked when the mail lady came by! she probably thought i was completely nuts, but i can't wait to play with my new stuff!

so i'll leave you on that high note...have a fabulous weekend! (i sure hope mine gets better!)


ps...i'll have some new pics to share soon... yay! :]

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