Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, hello there...

i know i've been absent for a while, but i have news!  my blog can now be found here.  come follow me there!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


if you purchased something from my closet raid, i want you to know that your items are being shipped tomorrow. sorry for the delay...running a restaurant means you work crazy hours, and unfortunately, i've been working the same hours as the united states postal service and could never seem to get there before they close up shop! (and believe me...i drove out there a few times only to catch them locking up...bummer!)

for those of you who missed the chance to snag something, i'll be having another closet raid either later this week, or early next week, so stay tuned! :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

raid my closet

for those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter, you are aware that i have recently done a huge purge of my wardrobe in an efforts to rid myself of things that i no longer get use from and to make room for some pretty new things. as i sat there, staring at a pile of clothes, shoes and various accessories, i started feeling that maybe i was jumping the gun a bit. i mean, it's not as if these things are out of style...or that they suffer severely from the wear and tear of being over loved. they are really quite nice. i'm just a sucker for shopping, and something about the fall season makes me want to shop shop shop. and i've vowed not to let anything else come into my house unless i get rid of something to make space. (no body likes a hoarder, right?) so i thought, "hey-i like clothes. i love shoes. and more than those things...i love a bargain. and i'm pretty sure other folks do too."

so i'm giving you all the opportunity to raid my closet :)

all prices are up for negotiation. if you are intersted in purchasing anything, or would like to negotiate a deal, email me at emjay0121(at)gmail(dot)com. happy shopping!
all measurements are taken flat
**for international readers, you are welcome to shop too, however there will be a flat shipping rate of $15 for all clothing and a shipping estimate can be given for shoes.

houndstooth fedora
urban outfitters

$12 + $5 shipping

chocolate suede calf boots
steve madden
these boots are so comfortable. they have a flat foot and come up right to the top of the calf.
size 8.5


grey suede calf boots
steve madden
these are the same exact style as the chocolate pair above :)
size 8.5


black suede platform pumps
steve madden
these shoes are hot. there is no other way to describe them. very comfortable pair of 4" heels! the toes look worn in the photo, but they are not. it's the way the light hits the suede. they've only been worn a handful of times.
size 8.5

$45 + $5 shipping

faux velvet ankle booties
anne michelle
these booties are so adorable. they have a pleating detail with a large bow on the ankle. so cute with a skirt/dress and tights
size 8.5


green loafers
these loafers have been loved very dearly. they are the prettiest green and have a cute buckle across the toe.
size 8.5

purple moccasins
prettiest jewel tone with cream stitching and a little bow on each toe.
size 8.5
teal, grey and navy strapless dress
ric rac (via anthropologie)
this dress is adorable. the colors are great, it's made from a heavy jersey type fabric, so it's breathable and very comfortable. it has the cutest navy and silver buttons down the bust, a button and zipper closure in the back, and my favorite feature...pockets! sweatheart neckline and a pencil skirt with grey band at the waste.
size medium
bust: 15 in
waste: 14.5 in
hips: 20 in
length: 27 in

$50 + $5 shipping

plaid button down house dress
BDG (via urban outfitters)
pretty bold colors in everyone's favorite pattern...plaid! the dress buttons all the way down. looks so great loosely belted with tights and flats or socks and riding boots.
size large
bust: 20 in
waste: 18 in
hips: 20 in


TMD v-neck tee
truly madly deeply (via urban outfitters)
TMD v-necks are the epitomy of stylish comfort. the loose fitting tees hang just the right way and are so figure flattering. i have them in literally 10 different colors and wear them at least 3 times a week. for real. this one has a really cool bird/peacock motif.
size large

green and cream striped button down
silence and noise (via urban outfitters)
loose fitting button down made of the softest cotton. muted green and cream vertical strips
size large


wool and lace tunic
kimchi blue (via urban outfitters)
this bark colored tunic is great pair with dark skinny jeans and heels (or boots!). the body is made from wool, and the sleeves are a pretty intricate lace.
size medium (actual measurements will be posted tomorrow)


cornflower blue racerback with eyelet lace
tiny (via anthropologie)
this tank is so interesting. it has a ruched racer back and an eyelet lace ruffle over the left shoulder. looks great paired with a cardigan!
size medium
bust: 17.5
waste: 15.5
length: 23 in

blue cotton sundress
kimchi blue (via urban outfitters)
royal blue sundress with a v-neck adn cap sleeves. hits me right at the knee. it has a pretty embroidered detail down the front center and three buttons up the back. looks great with flat sandals
size large
bust: 18 in
waste: 16 in
hips: 20.5 in
length: 36 in

$20 + $5 shipping

cream trumpet skirt
viola (via anthropologie)
this cream trumpet skirt has pretty crocheted stripes all around the sides. hits right at the knee. looks great paired with the teal turtleneck listed below and brown flats
size medium
waste: 14 in
hips: 20 in
length: 33 in
$20 + $5 shipping

maroon sweater sheath dress
kimchi blue (via urban outfitters)
this is a loose fitting sheath dress. it has a v-neck line and 3/4 length sleeves that hit just below the elbow. comes down right at the knee and looks great paired with congnac colored knee boots and along lariat style necklace or vintage chains
size large
bust: 18 in
waste: 18.5
hips: 20 in
length: 33 in
$25 + $5 shipping

muted teal turtleneck shirt
ric rac (via anthropologie)
thin cotton turtleneck with cap sleeves in a pretty muted jewel tone. looks great with jeans and boots or with the cream wool skirt listed above
size large
$12 + $5 shipping

navy blue grecian dress
navy blue grecian style dress made from a synthetic fabric with cream stitching detail lining all hemlines. i've worn it with sandles in the summer and with the grey calf boots listed above in the winter
size medium
bust: 19 in
waste: 12.5 in (with elastic, so it stretches to fit a larger waste size)
hips: 20 in
length: 33 in


once again, if you guys are intersted in purchasing anything, or would like to negotiate a deal, email me at emjay0121(at)gmail(dot)com


Friday, October 8, 2010

i am woman...hear me roar

so today i'm building a fence.

sort of.
ok, really i'm repairing a fence. but it invovles shopping for lumber, cutting lumber, using a belt sander, drilling pickets to some my book, this is building a fence. maybe not from scratch, but we'll go with it.
the folks at home depot gave me some pretty funny looks and a few "do you need some help young lady?" to which i reply, "no thank you. i've got this." i mean, come on...have they never seen a woman load up a cart with lumber? sheesh! (although i was thinking as i walked out "damn, i should have worn makeup or fixed my hair or something. i'm feeling pretty butch right about now")

there really is something to be said about the feeling one gets when they accomplish a daunting task. one of the biggest things that folks should know about me is that i consider nothing impossible. and if you think that i can't do something, you can bet your ass that i'm going to prove you wrong.

so with that said, i will finish cooking my lunch (pasta with a rich butter and herb sauce) and then i will strap on my big girl boots and go build my fence :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

happy monday :)

i woke up to a crisp 65 degree morning, and as of 12:30 in the afternoon, the temp hasn't risen above 70 :) i know that it's not going to last, and that in a few short days we'll be back to the 95 degrees before 11 am thing, but i can't help but soak it in and enjoy this little taste of fall for as long (or as short) as it lasts. now will someone let mother nature know that we don't want too many of these little teases before the real thing?

i hope you all are enjoying your is my verb list for the day:

spinning: "turn on the bright lights" by interpol

nomming: mushroom burger on honey wheat flat bread

doing: my hair. yay for multitasking

what's yours?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

today i...

white a-line sundress
gray knit cardigan
cowboy boots
various necklaces from my sister's jewlery box (teehehe)

beef stew (made from scratch by yours truly)
oh, and king's hawaiian bread and brownies :)

listened to:
jenny & johnny. all. day. long.
the vinyl is so pretty...its clear! not to mention, it comes with the entire album on cd as well, so i could listen while i ran errands too :)

the new big bang theory. i think sheldon's girlfriend was played by blossom. weird.

bdg cigarette jeans and kimchi blue tstrap heels from urban...
and the aformentioned j&j vinyl

day dreamed about:
spending week (and a half!) with these two great folks...i love them so much

goodnight friends :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

emjay's super rad playlist

everyone's doing fall playlists lately. well this is not one of those. these songs don't make me think of any particular season, person, or memory. they just sound good together and make me happy :) enjoy! (because of my blog layout, you'll need to use the pop out player option to see all 16 songs :)

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and because is lame and doesn't have all the good music out there, this song belongs on the play list...

and this song too...

ps, ms erin sunday...this is that playlist i started making for you like a million years ago.

pss, ashley and casee...this is for you guys too :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

so surreal

on august 29, it's been five years.

five years since the lives of the residents of the mississippi and louisiana gulf coasts were changed forever.

i'd like to take a moment to reflect on those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives to save others, and those who made it through with the strength to rebuild. tornadoes, 25 foot storm surges and 125 mph winds, levee breaks, widespread flooding, an entire city under water...those who were not here and did not experience the phenomenon that was katrina will never truly know the effect it has had on all of us. but these photos tell a that i hope the country will never forget.

five years later you can still see the watermarks on the sides of buildings. five years later, we've come so far, but there is still so much to rebuild, but the spirit of the people is even stronger than before. it is a day we will remember forever.